Year 12 Prepare Tasty West African Jollof Rice

Our summer term food tech topic in Year 12 is food choice. We want the students to understand some of the reasons behind the food choices they make. A recent class discussion hinted that West African Jollof rice is a very popular choice!

This led to a practical session where each class member prepared and created a tasty Jollof rice dish. Students were asked to focus on their time management skills. We also wanted them to use the correct amount of seasoning.

Each class member worked independently through their recipe sheet. They crossed off each task once it was completed. One of the most important challenges was to know when the meat was properly cooked. We experimented with various spices and seasoning.

Each class member was then asked to assess their West African Jollof rice during a tasting session. A written piece of work included listing all the spices, commenting on the skills used and describing what we are doing in pictures taken throughout the session.

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