Year 12 Visit Damien Hirst Exhibition at Gagosian Gallery

The Year 12 students recently had an interesting trip to see a Damien Hirst exhibition. This was held at the Gagosian Gallery along Britannia Street.

Some of the themes from our own artwork could be found in the exhibition. Some of the students have created work with a fish theme. We were able to look at the iconic shark sculptures by Damien Hirst in the exhibition.

Some interesting class discussions about the exhibition followed back at Lansdowne School. The students spoke about the power humans have over the natural world.

Another class conversation focused on the subject matter of using dead sharks and cows in the artwork. Some of the students decided that they felt comfortable using meat to feed their body, but not to feed their soul as part of an installation.

Class member Samera said:

“This was fascinating and a little disturbing because the parts that I didn’t like included the cow with a head chopped off. I also didn’t like the jars with the animal organs inside.”

Joddy added:

“This was interesting and exciting because of the sharks. They were fun to look up in such a close position. The cow with the six legs was mysterious to look at.”

Kaylon Commented.

“Personally I found these exhibits quite unique. I’ve never seen so many preserved marine and farm animals all in one place. It shows that our time is limited and we have to make the most of it.”

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