Y13 Partner with Roots and Shoots to Grow Vegetables

The Year 13 students are learning many new skills alongside our friends from Roots and Shoots. This is an outdoor and gardening college based nearby in Kennington.

Each week the Lansdowne students visit Roots and Shoots. Our learning is both practical as well as involving some theory.

Over the winter months we were busy sewing various vegetable seeds at Roots and Shoots. Now that summer is approaching, we have transferred these over to Lansdowne to plant in our own growing patch.

These are already starting to show plenty of growth. Each week the students spend some time weeding the patches and offering plenty of water to our vegetables.

The current crop includes lettuce, strawberries, radishes, potatoes and onions. We were able to hand over some freshly grown lettuces to the school food tech team to use as part of their practical lessons.

We’ve also planted some sunflowers in one corner of the plot of land. The Year 13 students are excited to see how tall these might grow as we head towards the summer.

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