Year 13 Students Make Progress with Art Coursework

The Year 13 students are progressing well with their various art projects. We have pupils entered for both bronze and silver Art Awards, as well as GCSE art.

Each class member is working on their own particular project. One of these involves organising and staging an art exhibition. The subject matter for this exhibition will be student artwork inspired by the Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko.

We have seen how some of her own work was sadly destroyed during the recent fighting in the country. We decided to create our own pieces of work inspired by her style.

The students staging the exhibition have been been asked to project manage this from start to finish. This includes preparing promotional posters and organising the ticket arrangements. We also need to plan where the artwork will be displayed and how we can guide visitors around the exhibition.

Preparation is taking place for another project involving one of the Year 13 students. Their challenge is to teach the Year 9 pupils how to make patterns. This work has involved creating an action plan and preparing some of the ideas for the presentation. The aim is to show leadership, trust, and communication.

Another Year 13 student is organising an arts inspired fundraiser for cancer. We are aware that not everyone has money to spare right now. People coming to the fundraiser will be able to use some fake artistic money that the student has created.

One of the GCSE students has produced some superb coursework as part of their qualification. They are working towards creating some colourful tiles. These feature the theme of fish. Photos were taken after the tiles were heated up in the school kiln. These pictures were then arranged to create a tiled pattern.

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