Year 11 Students Get to Learn New Skills at Forest School

This week we introduced a new group to the Lansdowne Forest School – made up of our year 11 boys.

The boys were told that there were 3 main objectives for them over the coming weeks:

1. to enjoy spending time outdoors in the natural world

2. to learn some new skills

3. to take some risks and maybe try something that makes them feel a little nervous

This last objective is really important – because it is only by trying things that scare us a little bit that we develop confidence and self-esteem.

After a short introduction the boys set to work, and quickly learned how to put up a shelter. This was useful because it rained a little bit!

We then went on a walk around the site, which ended with a bit of climbing which the boys excelled at!

We also learned how to build and manage a fire safely – and enjoyed toasting a marshmallow each at the end of the session.

With spring well and truly here – and summer coming soon – we are looking forward to enjoying all that nature has to offer us at this beautiful time of the year.

Forest School Fact: spending time in nature has been proven to reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and improve mood!

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