Unique Art Work in Year 12 as part of Bronze Arts Awards

Some unique work has taken place by some of the Year 12 students in their art lessons. One of the young learners who is working towards his Bronze Arts Award has created a very personal project.

His brother is a big fan of WWE wrestling. The student decided that he would design and create a replica of a wrestling ring as a present for his brother. He has given the project the name of Bother’s Den.

This work started by designing the wrestling ring on paper. The initial sketches were built up into a large 3-D model. Paper, card and mould rock were used.

The WWE wrestling ring is currently being painted in the favourite colours of the two brothers. The final task will be to add some wire and string to show the ring ropes.

Other Year 12 students are continuing with their Basotho blankets. These also contain unique designs. The students sketched these out on paper and then carefully transferred the designs onto the cloth. The aim is to stitch all the blankets together once they are finished.

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