Year 13 Students Prepare Maple Syrup Toast in Life Skills

Some of the Year 13 students recently prepared a very tasty maple syrup toast snack. This is part of their Food for Life learning. The aim is to pass on life skills that we can use beyond our time at Lansdowne School.

This was a simple recipe. It was chosen to encourage the students to prepare this type of snack at home.

We started with a reminder of the Lansdowne FRESH rules. These are especially important in our food tech space so we can all work safely.

The ingredients we used were bought on a recent Year 13 shopping trip to the local Co-op. All class members watched a short demonstration. The students were encouraged to work independently.

Once our maple syrup toast was prepared, it was then time for a tasting session. We ended the lesson by describing what our snack tasted like.

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