Kwik Cricket Skills for Year 11 Students in PE Lessons

Year 11 are focusing on improving their cricket skills as part of their summer term PE learning. We are taking part in various exercises that will help to improve our techniques.

Three workstations were set up around the Lansdowne gym. The first involved bowling accuracy. The students were asked to bowl overarm and try and pitch the ball as close to the stumps as possible.

Speed strikes against the wall involved using a tennis ball to bat against the wall repetitively.

The speed catching with a partner workstation helps the students with their bowling and catching skills. The challenge was to bowl the ball overarm at our partner. They needed to catch the ball with two hands, before returning with an overall bowling action.

Each event was timed. The pupils logged their scores for each successful completion. We are working on improving on these in future weeks.

A short game of kwik cricket was played. Students were asked to define each role for the various players. Everyone was very supportive. It was great to see our cricket skills in action during a game.

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