Year 13 Complete GCSE and Arts Awards Coursework

The Year 13 students are coming towards the end of their various art projects. One of the GCSE students has now submitted his final work. He has been working in ceramics to create a spice rack. This is themed on his native country of Portugal.

When asked about how the project has progressed, we were told:

“I’m very happy and confident. I have enjoyed working on this project. I am a little nervous but also excited about receiving their results in September.”

Other Year 13 students are coming towards the end of their Bronze and Silver Arts Awards. They are required to show leadership skills. Each student has been asked to organise and manage an art themed event.

One of the students is organising a football tournament. He has designed and created a series of medals for the players, as well as a trophy for the winning team. Each medal has the Lansdowne school logo incorporated.

Another group of learners are busy planning an art exhibition. This will showcase the work of the Year 12 and 13 students. They have designed the tickets, as well as all the marketing. The final task is to organise where each item in the exhibition will be displayed in the art studio.

A separate art topic for the Year 13 students has seen them create some amazing batik designs. This involves hot wax being drawn on fabric. We then added in some fabric dye. Colour appears on the fabric where there is no wax. Some stunning images have been created.

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