Y7 Consider Different Tech Devices in Computer Science

The Year 7 pupils are learning about how we use technology as part of the current computer science topic. We stared off our work by having a class discussion. The pupils were asked why is technology useful? The class members were able to talk about different devices and how they make our lives easier.

Pictures of various technology devices were then shared. Each class member was able to identify them, and then explain why they might be helpful in our everyday lives. Examples included a digital clock, a camera, a washing machine, escalators and a fridge.

One of our learning activities has involved completing an online exercise all about technology. This required the pupils to name the different devices they could see on the screen. They were also asked to describe them using their own sentences.

This work was carried out on the school laptops. The pupils are responsible for logging in and organising their own work and files. They are also expected to work independently.

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