Year 9 Show Kwik Cricket Improvements in PE Lessons

Kwik cricket is the main PE topic for the Year 9 pupils during the summer term. We started a recent session by recapping the resources that we need to play this game. These include a cricket bat, a ball and some stumps. We had a reminder about which side of the bat we use to hit the ball.

The Year 9 students are focusing on improving three specific skills: bowling, catching, and striking the ball.

The bowling workstation in the gym required each class member to bowl overarm and try and hit the stumps. We counted how many times we could do this over a period of a minute.

Bowling and catching involved pairing up with a partner. We took it in turns to bowl an overarm ball to our partner who then used both hands to clasp the ball together.

The batting activity challenged the pupils to hit a ball between two cones. We spoke about the importance of using both hands to control the cricket bat. Each successful strike was counted. We tallied up these totals over a one minute period.

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