Year 9

We value homework at Lansdowne School as an important continuation of the learning for all students. Homework is designed to reinforce knowledge and helps pupils develop effective work habits.

Subject teachers issue homework according to the timetable to support the teaching and learning that has occurred that day. All pupils are also expected to read either individually or to an adult for ten minutes each evening. Homework should be recorded in the pupil’s diaries, please check these regularly.

By setting regular homework we hope to encourage independent learning for each pupil. If any assistance is needed from adults at home, please do offer support for your child. If you have any questions regarding homework then please address these to the relevant teaching staff.

Weekly Homework Assignments

Students and parents can access online the homework that is set for each subject area in the links below. The teaching staff organise homework tasks around the different learning expectations that we have of the students. These have been colour coded. Each student should be aware of their own colour grouping. These files have been uploaded to a Dropbox account.

Spring Term Week 1

Spring Term Week 2

Spring Term Week 3

Spring Term Week 4

Spring Term Week 5

Spring Term Week 6

Homework Tips for Parents:

Check for homework by asking your child and referring to the homework timetable and diary.

Choose a quiet place and time for your child to complete homework.

Support, clarify, and motivate, but please do not do the homework for your child.

Ensure the homework is returned to school for marking.

Talk with teacher(s) or record in the diary if homework is too difficult or time consuming for your child. Learning rates vary so it is difficult to articulate an exact amount of time that should be spent on completing homework.