Lansdowne School Curriculum Framework

At Lansdowne School all pupils follow the National Curriculum. Pupils are taught in small class groups and are supported by three adults – the teacher and two teaching assistants. The school uses communicate in print and makaton sign language to ensure all pupils are able to access the curriculum.

The school aims for all pupils to leave Lansdowne as independent young people ready to enter further education and adult life. There is a great emphasis on developing independent living skills, not only for work, but also for life and leisure.

Year 11 have a link course each week with Lambeth College. All pupils have food technology lessons, as well as sport and Personal and Social Education (PSHCE).

Courses Available to students in KS4:

Accreditation pathways are offered for all students in the following subjects.

English Entry Level 1,2,3 and GCSE

Maths Entry Level 1,2,3 and Foundation Skills 1 & 2

Science Entry Level 1,2,3

Humanities Entry Level 1,2,3 andGCSE in Religious Education

Art Entry Level 1,2,3 and GCSE

PE Entry Level 1,2,3 and GCSE

The curriculum web diagrams for Key Stage 3 and key Stage 4 are published below.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4 and 5