Lansdowne School Curriculum Framework

Our overall learning intention is for our students to become independent young people in the community who work either supported or independently and know how to enjoy their leisure time. It is our expectation that all our young people will know how to support their local community, shop and travel and live in the community.

To this end the curriculum covers not only the core and foundation subjects, but also British values through discrete sessions and across the curriculum. Life-skills, living numbers, a careers curriculum and work experience support curriculum learning in a highly effective way.

We are happy to share the curriculum maps for each subject area below. These are available to view in a pdf format.

Art and Textiles Key Stage 3

Art Key Stage 4 and 5

Computing Key Stage 4 and 5

English Key Stage 3

English Key Stage 4 and 5

Food Tech Key Stage 3

Geography Key Stage 3

History Key Stage 3

Life Skills Key Stage 3 and 4

Life Skills Key Stage 5

Maths Key Stage 4 and 5

Maths Functional Skills 1 and 2

Maths Functional Skills Entry Level 1-3

Physical Education

PSHE Key Stage 3

PSHE Key Stage 5

Science Key Stage 5

Science Key Stage 4