Lansdowne Student Progress 2017-18

Lansdowne Student Progress 2017-18

In May 2013, the Secretary of State announced:

“As part of our reforms to the national curriculum, the current system of ‘levels’ used to report student attainment and progress will be removed. It will not be replaced.”

These announcements made it clear that central government was no longer going to dictate how schools should record and report progress. We have devised our own assessment system to demonstrate visible progress for all our students. Our assessment system allows us to track students against the content and skills required by programmes of study, whilst ensuring progress.

Assessment for Learning is the key to formative assessment in the new curriculum, where personalised learning checks are key in tracking student progress.

Target Setting

Progress is measured in small steps known as ‘milestones’. This includes a new ‘bridging milestone’ to securely lead pupils from ‘P’ Scales into the new stages of the National Curriculum. The school has also developed it’s own ‘milestone steps for non-core subjects. Students are assessed on entry in Year 7 and targets are set in relation to an accreditation pathway from Year 7- 11.

Progress is measured against the ‘milestones’ every six weeks and is tracked to see whether students are making expected, aspirational or exceptional progress.

The school has set itself a target of 80% of students will be on track to make at least expected progress in all subjects (based on the Upper Quartile end of key stage expectations from SEN Progression Guidance 2010-11), 20% will be on track to make exceptional or aspirational progress.

Accreditation Outcomes

The 14 students in Year 11 achieved the following outcomes: