Choir Singing & Signing Assembly


It may be coming towards the end of the term, but there is still plenty of passion and enthusiasm for the Lansdowne School Singing and Signing Assembly. This is a chance each week for all pupils to come together and share our love of music.


The School Choir has a growing repertoire of songs. Choir Leader Miss H varies these each week as the Choir members get to pass on their signing knowledge to other friends throughout the school.

A recent assembly started off with a gentle rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and then concluded with the two big crowd pleasers of Let It Go and Tomorrow. There is never any shortage of volunteers to sign from the front of the assembly when the Choir perform Tomorrow!

Mr Hilton then addressed the assembly. He asked the pupils to remind him of what needs to be achieved to win the prestigious Star Class of the Week trophy. Following the Lansdowne School FRESH rules is key here.


As an extra added incentive, it has been decided that the Star Class each week will also now be able to have some extra ICT free time on the school computers. This honour for the following week went to Class 11CJ, who achieved an impressive 86% of ticks for their work and behaviour over the past five days of teaching.


The Singing and Signing Assembly came to a close with a joyous singing of Happy Birthday to Scott, and staff member Amy.