End of Term Christmas Arrangements


The last day of teaching at Lansdowne School for the autumn term is Friday 18th December. School will be finishing at the normal time.

If your child travels on the Lambeth buses, then your child will be dropped off at the usual time. School resumes for the new spring term on Tuesday 5th January 2016 at 9am.

The student Christmas lunch is on Friday 18th December. We encourage parents and carers whose child usually brings their own lunch to pay for a school Christmas lunch on that day. If you would like your child to have a lunch, the cost is £1.90.

Raffle tickets are now available from the school office via Ganesh. The cost is £1 per strip and there are many prizes to be won. All money raised will go towards helping the students.

Students can wear their own clothes on the last day of term. In the afternoon, classes will have parties. On Friday 18th December, parents and carers are welcome to join us for the Lansdowne Christmas Carol assembly at 10am.

Many thanks for your support in helping the teaching staff and students at Lansdowne School to make considerable improvements as we continue to make the school an outstanding community of learners.

We wish a happy Christmas, and a peaceful New Year for all within our Lansdowne community.