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We have published the latest Lansdowne School Newsletter below. You can also download a PDF copy from over here.

Lansdowne Newsletter

Lansdowne Newsletter

Lansdowne Newsletter

Lansdowne Newsletter

Lansdowne School Lunchtime Menu

Lansdowne School Lunchtime Menu

After School Clubs

We are thrilled to be able to offer a number of different after school clubs for all pupils at Lansdowne School. We have given considerable thought as to the skills that our staff are able to kindly offer, as well as the balance between the after school clubs and the school curriculum.

Drama, chess, art and craft, cookery, football and Maths GCSE revision are all offered. The clubs will take place after school on Thursdays between 3:30pm – 4:15pm. All pupils are invited to attend whichever club they please, although places are limited.

We would ask any parent or carer of Lansdowne pupils to please give permission first for your children to make the most of this fantastic opportunity. A permission slip should hopefully have found its way home. We also need confirmation about collection arrangements, once the clubs have finished.

Many thanks to the staff who are able to offer their time for the Lansdowne after school clubs. This is a feature that we are hopeful of expanding.

Updates from the Autism Team

All staff and pupils throughout Lansdowne School have been putting in a great amount of effort in learning and understanding the various communication systems that we have started to introduce. It is important for all pupils to be feel comfortable in communication, whatever their needs or abilities.

We use two main supplementary language systems to help pupils at Lansdowne – Communication in Print, and Makaton. Communication in Print is a visual language using symbols. Makaton is a visual language that uses physical signs from pupils and staff. Both are now used extensively at Lansdowne, depending on the appropriateness of any given situation.

Much of this work is being carried out by the dedicated Communication Team. Tom and Mikita are working towards the aim of having both tools for communication embedded as everyday use throughout the school. Staff training takes place regularly. We have also started to use Communication in Print as the main system of guidance for all the display boards around the school.

The pupils at Lansdowne have been benefiting from this approach in a very practical way. We use Communication in Print with the school choir during our weekly singing assemblies. The Communications Team has also introduced a Sign of the Week, which is displayed and encouraged to be used on a weekly basis.

Part of this approach to communication also involves having the support of parents. We are incredibly grateful for all the help that you continue to give. The school website is going to start publishing regular video updates from the Communications Team. We hope that this will open up our work for parents and carers back at home. We are also hopeful of introducing a Makaton learning club for parents.

Regular weekly school events:

Breakfast Club is from 8:45am each morning.

Mondays, Class 7DL, swimming at Brixton Rec.

Tuesdays, Class 9JP, 10ML, 11RG – Ilderton Motor Project.

Wednesdays, Class 11RG, Southwark College.

Fridays, Year 9, 10 and 11, Southwark Muslim Women’s Association.