Magic Snow Making!

Our dedicated Communications Team at Lansdowne School is continuing to be able to offer small group sessions tailored towards the learning needs of individual pupils. These sessions usually run at the very start of each school day. They are designed to prepare the pupils for the learning day ahead, as well as hopefully being plenty of fun!

A recent session supervised by Mikita helped a couple of Year 8 pupils to create some magical snow! We may be approaching the Christmas season but it is still quite mild out in the school playground. The plan was to help us feel a little more festive by seeing if we could create some snow to experiment with.

Out two young scientists carefully followed the instructions that came with the test tube of artificial snow. We had to measure out the correct amount of the solution, and add the right amount of water. We then took it in turns to stir the mixture, and then hey presto: magic snow!

We asked the pupils to describe what the snow felt like on their hands. We then set the challenge of writing out the first letter of their name on the flattened snow surface in the classroom. This is a great sensory activity for students to explore their feeling of touch.

We finished off this session with a game of brain gymnastics. This is a mild form of mental and physical exercise. It helps the pupils to co-ordinate their physical skills and to be prepared for the rest of the school day ahead.

You can watch a short video featuring the magic Lansdowne School snow above.