Y8 D & T Research

Year 8

Year 8 have carried out some detailed research during the Texture and Design element of our D & T studies. We are helping the students to feel confident ahead of the GCSE Entry level in D & T that we hope all students will be successful in towards the end of their time at Lansdowne School. A large part of this syllabus involves working independently and researching different resources.

Our current Texture and Design work involves the research, design and then creation of a particular type of apron. We have asked the pupils to consider what type of different activities we might need to wear an apron for. Some of the responses included cooking, painting, gardening, woodwork, pottery or restaurant work.

Year 8 have used online resources to search for different designs. We asked the pupils to look at how the six apron styles differed, and the reasons as to why this might be. We found that woodwork aprons might need deep pockets to place tools in. An apron for pottery work is a lot longer with knee protection for the potter.

Our Textile and Design work in Year 8 will continue as the students work towards creating their own apron. We will ask them to consider what type of task will be carried out whilst wearing their apron, and then to think about the most suitable type of material.