Year 8 Weather Video

Year 8 have linked the recent snowy weather with our humanities work. As part of our geography work we have introduced to the pupils the idea of making a weather forecast. We started off or work by having a class discussion about what it actually means to make a forecast. We came up with the definition of explaining what we think the weather might be like in the future.

We then watch a recent BBC weather forecast on the class whiteboard. The pupils observed some of the new words and terms that we being used. These helped us with the next part of our work – making our own weather forecasts for the next few days!

Looking outside at the current conditions, we asked the pupils to think how the weather might behave for the rest of the week. Most of the pupils agreed that it was likely to stay cold, although some sun might just be able to break through.

We finished off this work by designing a weather poster to put across our forecasting skills. A couple of our Year 8 pupils explain more about their work in the video above.