Introducing Lansdowne Outdoor Gym


We are incredibly proud of the new outdoor multi-gym that is now in place at Lansdowne School. The aim is to offer an increased choice of healthy activities that the students can take part in during play and lunch times. The addition of light weights and cardiovascular machines compliment the existing activities such as table tennis and swing ball.


The original idea for the multi-gym came directly from the School Council. The Cllr’s had seen other outdoor gyms in local parks. They wanted to bring this experience to Lansdowne School.


Mrs. Adams arranged a trip to Dulwich Park for the pupils to see the machines in action. We wanted the Cllr’s’ to research which machines would be best suited so all pupils at Lansdowne School can access and enjoy.


Once the selection was made we bought the equipment and had it installed on a dry surface in the school playground. Already the outdoor gym is proving to be very popular. The pupils have open access to use the equipment. We are finding that the students across all age ranges are sharing and learning from one another.