Lansdowne School iPads

Year 8

The school iPads are now being used by all year groups throughout Lansdowne School. Each class teacher has access to the iPads for their lessons. We are finding many wonderful uses for these to help the students with the specific learning needs that they have.

Year 8 have been using the iPads as a brilliant research tool during our recent humanities lessons. Our geography work has enabled all Year 8 pupils to be familiar with the seven main world continents. We then used the iPads to explore a little more about some of the individual countries found in each continent.

A worksheet was set asking to identify a capital city, the type of language or the name of a river in a particular country. The iPads were then used to research this information.

Adult help is always at hand, but the beauty of the iPads is that they lead the students to want to work independently. They are the perfect tool for our students, being intuitive and fun to use. We will be finding out how other subject teachers are using the iPads in the coming weeks, and then sharing this information on the school website.

Year 8