Update on Parents and Carers Meeting

Lansdowne School

Minutes of the Parents’ Meeting, Tuesday 3rd June, 2014

1. Update on the new building

Mrs. Adams explained that after much planning and work up until October last year things were moving ahead, but after the contractors identified a£700,000 overspend things have slowed down and now come to halt.

Attempts were made to reduce the overspend but that would have left the new school facilities very similar to what we have now and therefore not worth the expense and bother of building. It is now time for parents to get involved and declare their feelings that this is not good enough for our children.

We agreed that parents should sign the letter en-masse, petition style. Jill to redraft (see below) and make it available for parents to sign so that it can be sent to the Chair of Governors, local councillors and anyone else who might be useful to have on board, e.g. Kate Hoey (local MP) if we don’t get anywhere.

Also agreed that parents should accompany Mrs. Adams to meetings to express their views if it was appropriate. Mrs. Adams will let us know when that might be.

2. The letter from parents re building works

In the discussion it was identified that the number of children applying to attend Lansdowne School is getting smaller and if the trend continues it will mean that the school will not have enough new children for the school to continue.

This is not a reflection on the teaching staff and the progress our children are making, but is a response to the state of the building by parents looking for a school place for their year 6 children. The letter to be redrafted to incorporate this point.

3. Update on Sixth Form provision

This is completely tied in to the new build as the current premises do not have enough room. Mrs. Adams made the point that the parents at Turney School (where she is also Executive Head teacher) had had a big impact in making Lambeth provide sixth form provision there.

4. Second-hand uniform ‘shop’

Parents to donate old school uniform to be made available at Uniform Day in late August for new parents / children and for existing parents / children. The idea would be to have a new and second-hand section.

Any parents willing to help on the day would be very welcome as the process can be slow due to measuring children to ensure they get the right size. Julie volunteered to help. Sharlene will send a letter asking for volunteers nearer the time.

The question was asked about donating ‘normal’ clothes to the school. This was welcomed by Mrs. Adams as clothes are often needed if children have any type of accident. Uniform and ‘normal’ clothes to be donated from now as the school will store them until they are needed.

5. End of term activities

We thought it would be good to do some type of summer fair. Mrs. Adams suggested each class was asked to provide a stall. We could have cakes, Sharlene would ask local supermarkets to donate. Steering committee formed of Marva, Pauline and Julie who will liaise with Sharlene.

6. Any Other Business

From September we will have a new catering company providing food for our children, called Caterlink. It is hoped that the food will be much better than is currently provided.