Year 9 Brixton Poetry Project


Year 9 are about to start a local poetry project that will have some strong connections to our community. We started our learning by holding a class discussion to try and understand what we might mean by the broad term of poetry. We offered up a definition that it is a piece of written work that may contain rhyme, and is able to describe an idea or situation.

The students will be looking at some contemporary poetry that is written about London. We will be taking this idea into our local community by asking Year 9 to write their own poems about Brixton Market. This is the perfect location in which to demonstrate our knowledge of adjectives as there is so much going on.

We will be asking the students to base their poems on the senses that we can see, hear, smell or touch around Brixton Market. We are hopeful of organising a fact finding walk around Brixton to help us with some poetic inspiration.