Y9 Water Aid Project

Year 9

We are incredibly proud of the charity based project that the Year 9 students at Lansdowne School have completed. As part of our PSE learning we asked the pupils to carry out some online research about various charities.

The aim was for the students to identify a charity that helps other people less fortunate than us, and helps us to appreciate the importance of not taking for granted the life that we are able to lead.

Many different charities were put forward as examples of this by the pupils. Water Aid emerged as a Year 9 favourite. This is an organisation that helps to provide clean, healthy water for people around the world that might not have access to this.

We then decided that we would attempt to raise some money for Water Aid. Year 9 decided upon a number of fund raising activities. These included a sponsored reading session, a sponsored basketball shoot-out and a sponsored walk around the perimeter of the school for 45 minutes.

Year 9 managed to raise an impressive final figure of £129. This will now be sent to Water Aid to help with their work. The pupils have helped to create a display in the school to highlight the importance of the work being carried out by Water Aid.