Year 8 PSHE Family Trees Video

Our recent PSHE work in Year 8 at Lansdowne School has had a strong connection with our current science learning topic. The pupils have been looking at variance in different species. We have seen how although some animal groups appear similar, they also have many differences.

This theme was extended to our PSHE learning. Mr Peters asked the pupils to draw up their family tree. We wanted to see grandparents, parents and any brothers or sisters, or even cousins that the pupils have. We then asked for short pen pics to be drawn of the various members of our family.

The students were asked to think about hair colour, eye colour and skin colour. We could see how there was little variance here amongst our own families.

This has been a great exercise in helping the Year 8 pupils to understand a little more about the families and backgrounds of our friends. We have asked the class members to compare their own families with that of their friends. Many different levels of variance have been found.

You can watch one of the pupils explaining a little more about this in the video above.