Lansdowne Achievement Assembly

Lansdowne School Choir

The Lansdowne School Choir has been helping other students to remember some of our favourite songs during our weekly singing and signing assembly. Choir Leader Miss Shelton decided to revisit some popular old songs that we haven’t sung for a while.

The Friday morning singing and signing assemblies are an opportunity for the Lansdowne Choir to lead the way and support other pupils with their singing and signing skills. Mikita is always available with her expert signing skills.

We sung You Gotta Be during a recent assembly. This is a song with a powerful message, as well as containing some tricky signs for us to remember.

Miss Shelton then invited Garry to come to the front of the assembly to receive his certificate for being the Lansdowne Signer of the Week. Miss Tovey presented other pupils with their individual subject awards in recognition of outstanding work over the past school week. Class 8JH was awarded the trophy for being the Star Class of the Week.

We finished off our weekly assembly by singing happy birthday to Garry and Abdellah. Miss Tovey reminded all pupils about the Lansdowne FRESH rules ahead of our lessons for the rest of the day.

Lansdowne School Choir