Year 9 Garden Mural

Year 9 have started a three-month project that will help to add an artistic flair to the newly redeveloped Lansdowne School Garden. The pupils are working on designing and creating the tiles that will be used for a large-scale mural that will be proudly on display in the garden.

We are starting to plant and grow various vegetables and flowers in our outdoor space. A polly tunnel has been put up to help with the growing. The idea is that the Year 9 mural will give the Lansdowne garden a unique identity.

The students have started off this project by each designing a tile. We set the remit of thinking of an image that would have a connection with our school community. The test tiles were created using materials such as thick cardboard, string and tissue paper.

We will soon be introducing some clay for these designs to be transferred over to. Once the designs have been sculptured into the clay, they will be fired up, and then painted. We are hopeful of being able to proudly display the new Lansdowne school mural in our fabulous school garden before the end of the summer term.

A couple of students explain a little more about this project in the video above.

Year 9